Thursday, February 18, 2010

Around the Boards 2/18/10

Today's Question:
On the current roster, who is your favorite Columbus Blue Jacket?
Here is what the Jackets Required staff had to say. Let us know who your favorites are in the comments section.

Top Shelf:

I could make arguments for a few guys, but I'm going to say Umberger. Work ethic, leadership and and the guy flat out cares about the team and the city. Love that dude. Honorable mentions go to the Captain (I will forever be a fan of his after signing the extension to stay here. He is Captain Columbus) and Jake.

Stick on the Ice:

At this particular moment, I really like the play of #10 Kris Russell. He's a Western Canadian version of Rudy -- 5-foot nuthin', hundred and nuthin'. He really plays hard every night and way above his weight class...anyone else remember how he knocked big Joe Thornton off the puck in a rush the last time the Jackets and Sharks met? He plays very sound positional hockey and he's really getting a better sense on when to join - or lead - the rush. He doesn't panic much and his slapshot is better than it should be. I also like the intangibles with him. He dealt with the Hitch youth development model - and he is flourishing. He didn't complain or get down on himself when he was sent to the Cuse last year. And he bounced back recently after a really serious injury to his face. He's just hockey tough and he skates like the wind. I think if he can develop some solid breakaway moves that he'll stretch out defensive pairings and score 12-15 goals per year.


R.J. Umberger. The "real" captain, he leads by example, works hard every night and makes the most of the talent he has. Trading him is not an option.

Pepper Brooks:

One of the few good things about having a crappy team for the majority of your existence is consistently having a pick at the top of the draft. When said crappy team has below average management, fans get to see those high draft picks at an early age and live with them as they go through the highs and lows of breaking into the NHL. We get to see their successes, like Rocket Richard and Calder Trophies, and feel their failures (‘Hello, Mother Russia’). The one who stands out for me is Nasher. The captain is a lead-by-example guy who tries to put the team on his shoulders every year. He doesn’t complain about anything publicly and is the type of guy you want representing you in the community. Nasher gives the CBJ legitimacy nationally in Canada. (Nobody watches hockey in the States, haven’t you heard?)

When he had the organ-i-zation in a tough spot, he chose to get the deal done. He chose to finish what he started, he chose Columbus. He chose us. I choose him.

Funny thing is, I started writing this post about Rusty but it occurred to me that I almost take 61 for granted. Truth is, I really like a lot of the guys on the roster but 61, 97, & 93 are at the top of the list.

What about you? Post who your favorite players are in the comments section.

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