Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Around the Boards 3/10/10

Today’s Topic:

What are the Top 5 Sweaters in the NHL?.

Top Shelf:

1. Blackhawks (home)


2. Habs (home)

3. Leafs (away)

4. Minnesota (3rd jersey)

5. Blackhawks (away)

Wait, that’s not it…..



1. Flames home (red)

the C of Red is amazing

2. Wild 3rd (green)

college-like script rocks

3. Devils home (red)

is there anything more iconic than the interlocking NJ?

4. Capitals away (white)

return to the retro looking Capitals logo is cool

5. (tie) Blackhawks home (red)

5. (tie) Red Wings home (red)

5. (tie) Rangers blue (home)

classic, iconic, unchanging

Pepper Brooks:

1. Chicago (Third)

If I was going to buy one sweater other than the CBJ in the NHL, it'd be these

2. Habs (Home)

The Euro chant they go through is annoying, but they sport some sweet threads...

3. Boston (Home)

They do black & gold right

4. Columbus (Home)

After a couple tries, they finally got rid of Stinger, that stupid electric green color, 26 of the 27 stars they had on the jersey, and put together a sweet looking sweater. Now, if they could only change the name.....

5. Vancouver Third

Dunno why, I just dig em.

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