Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Around the Boards 3/9/10

Who is your favorite non-Jacket in the NHL?

Top Shelf:

As a fan, I'll say Ovechkin. Maybe it is a frontrunner pick but dude is just magic on the ice. Skating, puck handling, shooting, hitting... he's the complete package and has some flare to him that makes him so marketable for the game. Personally, I'll say Brian Campbell of the Blackhawks. I hung out with him after a Cubs Game at the Cubby Bear bar in Chicago last summer. We played a few games of Flip Cup and had some good natured Central Division smack talk. He's a good dude.


Jarome Iginla - plays like an old-school captain should.

Stick on the Ice:

I would definitely cite Jerome Iginla as my favorite non-Jacket. He is a warrior. He skates hard. He shoots hard. He punches people in the face hard. Those are the three qualities I hold most important.

Pepper Brooks:

Although I do like Iginla and Ovechkin....what fan of the game wouldn’t like those guys as they do everything necessary for their team to win. Warriors, no doubt. I am going to cheat a little and say that my favorite non-Jacket is actually a two-fer. If I had to pay money to watch anyone in the NHL, I’d actually pay to see the Sedin twins. They’re skill, ability to know where their teammates will be and know EXACTLY where each other will be are all worth the price of admission. A major misconception with them is that they’re soft. If you watch, they play a great cycle game and are impossible to knock off the puck. They don’t need to go crashing and banging after the puck because they usually are in possession of it when they gain the zone.

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