Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The First Shot

Welcome to Jackets Required. Much like the first time you head out on the ice, starting a hockey blog is equal parts thrilling and scary. At this point, we're just trying not to fall down and knock out any teeth. Be patient, and we'll get our legs underneath us soon enough. We'll cover a broad range of topics related to hockey, but the Columbus Blue Jackets will always be the primary focus of the blog. Deal with it. You'll get to know the other three regular contributors to the blog soon enough -- each with his own distinct brand of banter and insight. And we'll have other contributors as well, so the content should stay fresh and crisp. And that's probably the only time you'll see the words "fresh" and "crisp" on this blog. Anywho, we'll update regularly and hope that you join in. Good talk. See you out there.

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