Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quick Hits

Well, last night was, in a word, ugly, but hopefully the Jackets take a lesson from the loss and realize that even Steve Mason can have an off night. That has to mean everyone steps up their game and picks up last year's Calder winner. And, when you're missing your two best shutdown defensemen (Hejda and Commodore), there's even less margin for error. Few thoughts for consideration...
  • The first period was all Calgary. If not for the superb effort of Captain Columbus, the Flames are up 3-0.
  • The Flames outworked the Blue Jackets throughout the opening period. It seemed that whenever Calgary wanted control in the CBJ zone, they had it. Their forechecking was tremendous.
  • CBJ defensive zone coverage was poor throughout the night but the Langkow, Glencross and Bouwmeester goals were simply too easy. Calgary threw pucks at the net or went hard at the net and the Jackets did not respond.
  • However, the Jackets effort was tremendous on the two powerplay opportunities that resulted in goals at the beginning of the 2nd period. Yet, allowing Dion Phaneuf to skate essentially the entire rink, walk down the slot and get off a good shot was unacceptable. Further, Mason really needed to make that save.
  • Fortunately, the Oilers do not present nearly the offensive talent that Calgary does. I'd like to see the Jackets bounce-back tomorrow night and make sure we take points from a team like Edmonton that we should beat.
  • Hitch has said that both Filatov and Garon will be in the lineup tomorrow night.
  • It will be our first look at the new coaching regime in Edmonton with Pat Quinn taking over for Craig MacTavish. Not only that, but Quinn brought former Rangers head coach Tom Renney with him. So, in terms of an all-star coaching staff, the Oilers have it. You have to figure that after a while, they will get it together. Of course, just don't play too physically or else Quinn will send his goon to hit you over the head with a stick.
  • Random...I think the Blackhawks choice of "Chelsea Dagger" as their goal celebration song has to rank among the top in the league. I like what we do at Nationwide, but it's a little over the top. One thing I'd like to hear is our fans chanting "sieve" and pointing at the opponent's goaltender after the "we salute you" lyric.
Now, the awesomeness of the Quinn!

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