Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Afternoon Scrum 10/27/09

  • The latest development in the Coyotes bankruptcy saga has been revealed. Majority owner Jerry Moyes has sold the team to the League, pending approval of the bankruptcy judge. Hot damn, the Coyotes can stay in Glendale and continue to be a vibrant and productive franchise.
  • Punishment for that horrifically dangerous hit that Rob Scuderi leveled on Jason Chimera? An undisclosed fine. Not just for how this incident was handled, but how he performs his job in general, NHL discipline czar Colin Campbell needs to be openly and unabashedly mocked. How the league can pretend to care about the safety of their players when these types of incidents are allowed (essentially endorsed due to lack of punishment) is a joke. What kind of injury will have to be sustained for this issue to be taken seriously by the League?
  • Adam Proteau of The Hockey News takes up the discipline issue, as well. Interesting that he does not so much as mention Colin Campbell in his piece, but instead finds fault in the attitude of the GM's toward the issue.
  • CBJ F Andrew "Weighty" Murray will be out four weeks with a bum shoulder. Good thing we have a glut of forwards.... too bad they dont all play in the corners like Murray does. Puckrakers has the scoop.
  • THIS JUST IN: Hockey Looks Better in HD. The Toronto Star has a rather interesting piece on the role HD is playing in growing the TV audience, specifically in the U.S. Someone get FSN-Ohio on the phone!
  • And finally, finally, the Leafs get a win. I would post a link to a story about it, but who cares?

-Top Shelf

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