Tuesday, December 29, 2009

That's More Like It!

To paraphrase Harry Doyle, "Jackets Win, Jackets Win, OH MY GOD THE JACKETS WIN!"

Ok, so Freddy Modin's overtime winner wasn't to win the pennant after Willie Mays Hayes beat the throw from the Yankees first baseman after Jake Taylor's bunt, but for those in Jacketland who have been without a win in 9 games it felt GOOOOOOD!

On the heels of the Jason Chimera trade, those watching got a chance to see the Jackets play a very strong game and finally get rewarded with two points. Heading to the game last night, I was worried that the natives would take out their frustrations of having to spend too much time with the in-laws over Christmas on the home team at the first opportunity. It didn't happen. Mainly because from puck drop to the red light in overtime, the Jackets played like the 2008-2009 version of the CBJ. They outhit and outworked their opponents on every shift and when there was a breakdown, last year's version of Steve Mason was there to provide the big save. His glove save on Holmstrom and his stupid goatee (thank you, TopShelf) in the second brought the crowd to its' feet.

Speaking of the crowd, it was great. Jacket fans are always amped up when Detroit fans come in representing with their stupid Yzerman and Shanahan sweaters, wanting to send them home with a tear in their beer. Credited with 39 hits, 40 shots on goal and two fighting majors, the Jackets gave ample reason for the sold-out crowd to be so throaty. Nonetheless, the crowd was dug in (even this blogger is going 2008-2009), so was the team and when Freddy Mo backhanded in his own rebound in overtime, all was right with the world.

Let's hope the team gains a little more confidence from the win, a little jump from the trade and start to make amends for what has been an awful December. Gotta win two in a row before you win 5 in a row, so here's hoping the guys play like they did last night, tonight on the Island.


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  2. Well written, Pepper. As I was tuning in last night Mrs. TopShelf had 2 things on her mind. 1) would the game be more enjoyable to watch because it was on Versus and not FSN?, and 2) would anyone show up to the game? I told her yes and no, respectivly. I was half right. The crowd really surprised me with their numbers and their enthusiasm. Of course, a competitive 3+ periods of hockey goes a long way in the latter department. Way to carry the flag last night.