Thursday, January 28, 2010

Afternoon Scrum 1/28/10

Hockey headlines for the CBJ and from around the league. Mmmmm... hockey

Hey kids, it's me, TopShelf. You remember me, right? I know, I know it's been a couple of weeks since I provided you with all the hockey news that's fit to cut and paste. Please forgive me and accept today's edition as my humble offering to you, our readers. Carry the Flag.

  • Just as Festivus begins with the Airing of Grievances, gameday here in the Scrum begins with the posting of previews for tonight's game: Columbus Dispatch, LA Times, ESPN, NHL. By the way, the league does a really good job on their game previews. Check it out.
  • Two Jackets out with the flu tonight. @aportzline says it's Stralman and Jurcina.
  • So Nash recorded a Gordie Howe hatrick the other night against Minnesota. Did you know the Jackets own a grand total of 1/3 of all the GHH's earned so far this season in the NHL? It's true.
  • John Grigg over at has his list of Top Ten Disappointing players of the year. I'll give you one guess where #1 Steve Mason falls on his list.
  • Speaking of the Kings, could Kovalchuk be wearing a crown soon? The same article talks about Sheldon Souray's potential to be traded. If he becomes a UFA in July, I'd love to have that dude on the Jacket's blueline. Just sayin'.
  • This weekend marks USA Hockey's third annual Hockey Weekend Across America campaign. Special events for Friday, Saturday & Sunday, including the Support You Local Hockey Heroes program which both the CBJ and Ohio State will be participating in. Tomorrow is Wear Your Favorite Jersey day. Would the boss mind if I wore my D -League jersey from when we won the championship? Ahh, the glory days.
  • And finally, the second installment of our newest feature, Get To Know Your Pepsi Party Patrol! Today's PPPer is Brandi. Brandi wanted to be a singer when she was growing up, would like to trade places with Paris Hilton for a day, has some level of obsession with Megan Fox, and says the Hanna Montana concert is her all time favorite. Keep livin' the dream, Brandi!

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  1. Well played Top Shelf, as always. Good to have you back on the ice.

    If Jurcina and Stralman are out, I guess this means that Roy will play? That's good news. I guess this also means that Methot will play? That's not as good news. Let's hope he's figured out a few things during his time off the ice.