Thursday, January 7, 2010

Afternoon Scrum 1/7/10

Jackets look to rearrange the deck chairs once again, this time in Edmonton. On to the headlines:

Hockey headlines for the CBJ and from around the league. Mmmmm... hockey

  • Game previews for tonight's CBJ/EDM tilt. Dispatch & ESPN.

  • The Edmonton Journal with their view of the Hitchcock coaching saga.

  • Former Buckeye Dave Steckel, now with the Washington Capital, just signed a 3 year 3.3 million dollar extension. Kudos to Dave.

  • Even us D-Leaguers know to keep our sticks down... People get their throats slashed when you don't.

  • This story is a few days old, but timely since we are playing the Oilers tonight. Must have been one helluva New Years Eve party.

  • Finally, in the 1st installment in a new series Get To Know Your Pepsi Party Patrol, meet Eric, a 3 year veteran of the PPP. In addition to rockin' the McLovin' t-shirt, E-Roc is a "nice guy" whose fav movie is Happy Gilmore. Very respectable.

Special Note: Don't forget to stop by tonight during the game (9:00 pm EST) to participate in our live blog. We'll talk about the game and whatever else has your hockey interests piqued. Be there or be a trapezoid.

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